Crab E Bills aka "Crabby"
Crab E Bills aka “Crabby”

Crab E Bill has been a Fishmonger AND a Meat Butcher for over 25 years.

The pride he takes in offering the freshest product around is second to none.

“There is nothing better than to hear my customers come back to tell me how much they enjoyed the “fresh catch” they got from us previously. That’s what it’s all about and it truly makes my day.”

From the Hook to the Cook!  

Daily deliveries from local Commercial fishermen and divers ensure that you will find the freshest seafood at Crab E Bill’s.

It is our commitment to provide ONLY Day Boat fish that is not caught on Long Lines or Netted.

This means that our fresh fish is caught on boats that go out on day trips, and delivered to our doors soon after docking.

Our demand for hooked, not long line or netted fish, ensures that only the freshest and sustainably intended catch is provided to you.

Seafood from the Florida Keys to the coast of Maine!


Snapper  * Grouper * Mahi * Hogfish * Founder

Cobia * Pompano * Wahoo * Sheepshead * Triggerfish

Big Eye Tuna * Apalachicola Oysters * 

Florida Shrimp & Lobster.

Clams from the Indian River Lagoon!

Located at the farming site for the most succulent local clams around, Crab E Bill is able to give you the best prices and there is none as fresh and clean. cropped-Slide_12_21_2015_dscn1315.jpgClams are started from seed, growing in troughs by the Indian River Lagoon. Daily visits are required to clean and rotate the clam seed until large enough to put into mesh bags. This process takes approximately 6 months.

After bagging the clams, they are spiked to the floor of the Indian River Lagoon to continue the growing process until they reach the desired size and succulent flavor. From seed to market takes approximately a year and a half. Once the desired size, the bags are pulled and taken to the processing site, then sorted into sizes and cleaned. Whether you choose little necks, middle necks, top necks or pasta clams, you will find that no purging or cleaning is necessary after your purchase. Just shuck, grill or steam, and enjoy.

Stone Crabs from the Florida Keys: Crab E Bill is THE Stone Crab King! From the Florida Keys, the Stone Crab, when in season, are abundant, sweet and tender to enjoy with our homemade Champagne Mustard Sauce. Every size is available and often on sale.

Fresh Northern fish: Shipped overnight: Cod, Haddock, Grey Sole, Halibut, Live Maine Lobster & Soft Shelled Steamer Clams.Slide_12_21_2015_img_0014

Crab selections: STONE CRAB Claws, King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Clusters, Soft Shell, Live Blue, Jumbo Lump, Lump, Claw, Cocktail and the finest homemade Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes.

More: Wild & Organic Salmon, Sushi grade Yellow fin Tuna, Jumbo Dry pack Diver Sea & Bay Scallops, Prince Edward Island Mussels.

Beef: Crab E Bill’s offers only the finest cuts of beef available. We offer Angus Choice or Prime graded Delmonico N. Y. Strip, Rib Eyes and tenderloin, all natural of course. Surf & Turf-what a combo!

Mahi or Yellow Fin Tuna Spread: Our secret recipe for Smoked Mahi or Yellow fin Tuna Spread will become a favorite to serve your friends and family.

Just remember: Ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!